Reuters TV on TV

Big news, big screens

Video news, reinvented

After designing Reuters TV’s award-winning, revolutionary video news app for iOS, Android and the web, we turned to Apple TV and Roku.

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Look, it’s everywhere

A multi-platform strategy

Reuters TV is about getting you the news where you want, when you want, and on the platform you prefer. After designing versions for both iOS and Android, and a beautiful web app, we moved on to Apple TV and Roku.

The long and short of it

Select the length of your news

Got 5 minutes? Or you want the full half hour? Reuters TV creates an on-the-fly news show to your specifications. Every story is produced in multiple versions depending on how deep you want to go.

Next, please

Skip and jump

Not in the mood for yet another story on Trump? Skip to the next story straight away, with one click on the remote.

Video player animation with easy playlist access

News in depth

Get up to speed on the big stories

Need more background? Featured stories are specially curated playlists designed to get you up to speed quickly on the big issues of the day.

Quickly switch between featured videos

It’s happening

Live feeds from the world’s big events

Keep up with the world’s events, live and straight from the source, with Reuters TV feeds from all over the world.

One more thing

Apple showcases Reuters TV at its Developer’s Conference in 2016