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News on the move

Good news, everybody

What should news look like on a mobile device? Take a look at the new Reuters app, redesigned from the ground up.

Founded in 1861, Reuters is one of the world’s largest news organizations, with 2,500 journalists in 200 locations worldwide.

Having worked closely with Ueno for years on Reuters TV, its consumer-facing multi-platform video news service, the company came to us for the redesign of Reuters News for iOS and Android.

The brief: Create a more personalized and customizable news app, redesigned from the ground up to fit how people consume news on mobile devices.

What we did
Strategy, Product Design, Motion Design

Tomorrow’s news today

Rethinking Reuters

From carrier pigeons in the 19th century to mobile video in the 21st, Reuters has seen its share of technological disruptions. With Reuters News for mobile, the company’s aim was to rethink how to present and deliver the news to fit the device in our pockets.

Some personal news

More focus on the user

Mobile phones are some of our most personal devices. They’ve changed how we produce, distribute, and engage with the news. The redesigned Reuters app includes several innovations based on mobile usage patterns, including a newsfeed-style design that takes a cue from social media platforms.

Your world, your news. From the onboarding process.

Follow the news

Users personalize their newsfeed by picking the topics and news channels they’re interested in.

First things first

It’s easy for users to rearrange the app’s main channels and add custom ones.

Our goal was simply to create an experience where users have the power to decide which piece of news fits their interests, and don’t have to worry about the authenticity of the content.

Kwok Yin MakSenior Designer, Ueno

Pick a card, any card

Card-based storytelling

For editors we designed a flexible system of cards, storytelling components that let them tell each story in a way that fits it.

Video news from Reuters TV is seamlessly integrated.
We experimented with different font sizes and spacing to create an ideal, easy reading experience.
A feature news card, designed for in-depth articles about high-profile subjects.
Home screen with customized navigation and feed-style user interface.
The U.S. Politics channel. User-selected feeds at the top of the screen, app navigation at the bottom.
A story card designed to showcase photo galleries.

It’s working

Numbers and quotes

After the redesign, users spend more time with the app, read more articles, and are much more likely to return within a week.


Time spent in app


Screen views per session


7-day retention

By focusing on user utility and personalisation, Reuters hopes to make its news app an indispensable tool for professionals, providing a free-to-access service in a news market ...
According to Showman, it has already doubled user sessions and has grown weekly engagement to 18 minutes.