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Reuters TV is the revolutionary video news app for busy people.

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Reuters TV is a radical rethinking of how to do video news. Ueno has worked with the team at Reuters from inception, on strategy, UI/UX, and front-end development. Reuters TV for iOS was released in late 2015, and versions for Android, Apple TV, Roku and Web have followed.

It’s about time

How long have you got?

Want a quick update? Or something in-depth? With Reuters TV you get real news where you want, when you want, and for as long as you’ve got.

Made to fit your day

Personalized, up-to-date, and on demand

Based on the user’s viewing patterns, preferences, and available time, Reuters TV dynamically creates a personalized news program on the fly. Users can watch right away, download manually or set a recurring download to watch later. Even offline.

Focus on the news

An immersive experience

Reuters TV adapts to the way you hold your device. Hold it vertically to see upcoming stories, hold it horizontally to focus on the currently playing story.

Straight from source

Livestreaming the news

As well as watching their personalized news show, users can keep up with the world’s events with frequent live feeds from all over.

The big issues

Featured stories

A curated selection of Featured Stories keeps users up to speed on the main issues of the day.

Left to your own devices

Same news, different screens

Phone or tablet? Horizontal or vertical? iOS or Android? Doesn’t matter. Reuters TV works everywhere.