Reuters TV for the web

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Reuters TV first came to mobile devices. Then streaming players. Now, here comes the web app.

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Less noise, more news

A decluttered experience

After designing Reuters TV for mobile devices (iPhone, iPad, Android) and streaming services (Apple TV and Roku), we turned to the web. Our aim was to simplify and declutter as much as possible the experience of watching news on the internet.

Now you see it, now you don’t

The unobtrusive playlist

We designed Reuters TV for minimal distraction, with a news playlist that appears only when you need it, and stays away when you don’t.

Next, please

Navigating and sharing

Can’t take another story on politics? Or can’t wait to share it? One click is all it takes.

Dig deeper

Get up to speed on the big stories

Need more background? Featured Stories are curated playlists designed to get you up to speed quickly on the big issues of the day.

Your kind of news

Organizing content

Every news story posted on Reuters TV comes with a set of tags, adding it to one or more categories that users can browse.

It’s happening

Live feeds from the world’s big events

Keep up with the world’s events, live and straight from the source, with Reuters TV feeds from all over the world.

One size fits all

A web app for every screen

On mobile devices Reuters TV is best experienced with its native apps for iOS and Android. Even so, we designed the web app to adapt flawlessly to smaller screens just as well as big ones.