Tracking Santa

Happy holidays with Google

An interactive holiday playground with 24 games, videos and interactive thingamajigs.

Countdown to Christmas

Making December great again

If there’s one user Google takes seriously it’s Santa Claus. They’ve been keeping tabs on him with a highly advanced, proprietary Santa Tracker System since way back on Christmas Day in 2004. But times change, and Santa and Google wanted something more. So they came to us.

Welcome to Santa’s Village

Everyone’s invited

For Google and Santa’s Christmas 2013 extravaganza we came up with an interactive holiday calendar filled with goodies. We designed Santa’s Village to his exact specifications, which means everyone’s invited, and playing is easy.

Santa & Company

Easter eggs on Christmas

Look closely and you’ll find all of Santa’s friends and family somewhere in his village.

Full of surprises

Everyday something new

Christmas is full of surprises. For the holiday calendar, we created one for every day, with 24 games, videos and interactive thingamajigs and whatchamacallits.

Reindeer sleigh ride

Reindeer sleigh ride

Chimney pot gift delivery

Chimney pot gift delivery

Gumball Game

Gumball Game

Memory Game

Memory Game

Roller Coaster

Roller Coaster

Not invented here

Introducing the world’s traditions

In every culture people celebrate the holidays in their own way. Why not use the holiday calendar to introduce them to each other’s traditions?

Brazillian holiday
Christmas crackers
Cake with kiwi fruit and strawberries
Heart-shaped candy

Delivering the goods

Follow Santa on the big day

Using the latest in tracking technology, our developers plugged reindeer-optimized geolocation beacons into Santa’s own API, enabling millions of people to watch him deliver packages all over the planet, live on Christmas Day.

Follow Santa on the map