Your inbox, rebuilt

Mail model

We helped Superhuman rethink the inbox and rebuild it from the ground up.

Launch the site

You’ve got mail

Meet your new email client

Superhuman is redefining what email does and how it works. It’s super fast and comes with smart features like AI, triage, insights from social networks, reminders, scheduled messages, and more. Plus, it’s beautiful and intuitive to use.

  • Modern inline formatting editor
  • Helpful recipient profile
  • Send later and snooze features
  • Elegant reading experience


Looking good

We designed Superhuman to look good and feel good, whether you’re reading an email or writing one.

Look who’s talking

Insights from social networks

Superhuman is good with people. It connects with LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter to tell you who you’re talking to.

Consider your options

Reminders, timing, status

To reinvent email you have to add some things: reminders, an undo option, read statuses, and snoozing, and more. Our task was to seamlessly graft these new features onto the design of one what is arguably one of the oldest, most mature technologies of the internet.