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Looking under the hood

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In collaboration with the design team at Uber, we created a site to showcase their work.

To celebrate the work of its internal design teams, attract new talent and foster design thinking in the company, Uber decided to create We worked with them on the design and the development of the site, bringing an outsider’s perspective and making sure the end product reflected the whole spectrum of design work being done at Uber. Work started in January 2017 and the site went live in March.

Welcome to the show

Designing Uber

Uber wanted a site to share and show off the hard work of their internal design teams. We designed the home page of as a collage-style feed, a great way for visitors to catch a glimpse of what the teams have been up to.

Made you look

The case studies

How do you create a perfect case study? After many meetings and several directions we ended up with a direction that made everybody happy. Seriously. Everybody.

It was important to really nail the homepage, because it needed to represent all different kinds of design work that gets done at Uber. We executed on several iterations to make sure we really had something good.

Gene RossDesigner

Building blocks

The case for flexible case study templates

The site features both visually and technically inspiring designs, and dives deep into the creative processes behind them. For the case studies we came up with a template that would be flexible enough to work for all these different types of projects.

Section Hero
Section Content

Building this site was a great chance to showcase our animation skills and bring movement to Uber’s beautiful artwork, mixing attractive layouts with responsive techniques and smooth transitions.

Elliott KemberDeveloper

Recruitment by design

A careers page in disguise

As well as showing off good design, Uber wanted the site to help attract top talent. We highlighted each team to give potential recruits an idea where they’d best fit, and how the teams operate.

Design at Uber is about more than the app you use. It’s also about things like their environmental projects and the constant evolution on the brand side. This site draws back the curtain and gives you an insight into the stories of the people who are behind this wide spectrum of work.

Robbin CenijnCreative Director

It’s great to work with an agency that doesn’t feel like an agency. We were all one team working on a project together from start to finish.

Lori MannProject Manager @ Uber