Focus on the road ahead

Shifting gears

A completely redesigned home for Uber, reflecting its international aspirations, abundance of services, and friendlier consumer-facing brand.

Uber wanted their website to tell their unique and unfolding story to very segmented audiences in a huge international market.

Together with their teams we developed a new visual language, layouts and site structure that would help them move from the black Uber of old to a friendlier, more colorful brand, combining the global and the local. After eight months of working side by side at their offices the site launched in August 2015.

Our role
Strategy, Web Design, Art Direction

Structurally sound

A flexible design system contains thousands of pages in several categories, with very different purposes. We created a flexible design system with multiple components that would give the site coherence without making it visually repetitive.

The square in the middle of the page, called “the bit,” always contains the CTA. Very clever.

Approved for all audiences

A home page everyone

Uber is different things to different people. The home page prioritizes driver signup and explaining to a varied global audience what Uber is all about.

Request a ride. When you’re ready to go, set your pickup
                  location and tap Request. If you want to know about how much your trip will cost,
                  tap Fare Estimate.

Think globally

Uber locally

For a company operating in over 600 cities all over the world, localization is super important. The new comes in unique local flavors, distinguished by language, illustrations, colors and patterns.

Local color

Illustrations and icons (both made by the wonderful people at Stout Design) change color depending on the user’s location. Since it’s all done in code, no interns were harmed in the process.

An Uber for every city

Uber offers an abundance of different services and options depending on location. And for every city, there’s a page explaining how exactly Uber works there.

Where to?

How do you help users navigate a site with thousands of pages in dozens of categories? In the navigation we prioritized those most important to Uber’s mission, and kept the primary call to action visible at all times.

Easy riders

A guide for new passengers

There are two kinds of people in the world: those who use Uber and those who will. For the latter we created this page, explaining how it all works.

Taking the wheel

A guide for new drivers

Recruiting drivers was high on the list of Uber’s priorities for the site. This page answers all the questions they might have before signing up.

Stay safe

Support for users and communities

Uber relies on the support of the communities it serves, and in turn supports them. The site has clear guidelines and codes of conduct to ensure the safety of passengers and drivers.

We put the car in career

Jobs at Uber

With thousands of job openings all over the world, Uber is growing fast. The career section makes them easy to find.