Ueno on Ueno

Same voice, new look

Ueno eats its own dog food

We spruced up the branding for our second favorite client. (Ourselves.)

Lowercase. Period

Our new logo

Our logotype is full-on lowercase, because it (like us) doesn’t take itself too seriously. And it ends with a full stop, because it’s concise. It gets to the point. It doesn’t dwell on things. It doesn’t try to make everything too complicated. It keeps things simple and clear. It doesn’t just drone on and on.

We come in colors ♪

Our pretty palette

The Ueno color palette is bright and fancy. And all the colors match. Except one. But we won’t tell you which one. Because we’re not about to give away all our secrets. You must understand.

Typical. Just typical

Our typefaces are perfect for lorem ipsum dolor sit amet

Thin, simple, subtle. But enough about our Creative Director, let’s talk about our typefaces. They look like a thin sans serif had a baby with a serif. And everybody came to the baby shower. And. It. Was Awesome.

Still, moving

Fun with images

You like to watch? You came to the right place.


We try to be

We commissioned some cool icons. Check them out. Trust us, they’re good.

These are a few of our favorite things

Swag for people who hate the word “swag”

Digital is cool, but sometimes you just want to reach out and touch something. Or somebody. Or touch somebody using something.

We had joy, we had fun

Behind the scenes

We had so much fun when we were doing these, you wouldn’t believe. It was like all those people in stock photography who point at things, laughing and smiling. Except it was all real, and no one was faking it. Honestly.

Ueno, dos, 3

For our anniversary we made ourselves a book

Our style guide. It’s what keeps us all in sync. But not in sync like bad guys in a movie, marching ominously, all in line. No, more like the good guys in a movie, whose caper is going super well. Yeah, like that.