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Sports, re-covered

Uninterrupted is a digital sports network with a difference: a focus on athletes.

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Authentic, insightful, entertaining

A new Uninterrupted

Uninterrupted covers sports from the unique perspective of the athletes themselves, giving users a more authentic, less mediated access to their favorite sports stars. By making the user experience truly uninterrupted, our redesign aspires to reflect this.

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Without interruption

A video player with focus on content

The Uninterrupted video player is designed to get out of its own way, letting users focus on the content they came for.

All for show

Custom show pages

Each show on Uninterrupted has its own custom page, where users can find the episodes they’re looking for.

Roll your own

Building a personalized feed

By using tags, users can fine-tune their personalized feed.

Subtle changes

Edit, not interrupt

Users can edit their account information without making a big fuss.

Stretching it

Fit for all screens

We designed Uninterrupted to work on screens of all sizes and shapes.