Have a sip

Shaking up wine retail with Verve

A full ecommerce site, with branding, for the next generation wine retailer.

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Wine me, dine me, online me

Reinventing wine retail for the web

For the uninitiated, buying wine can be unnecessarily complicated. Verve is here to change all that, for example by suggesting wines based on occasion or theme.

  • Wines in season
  • Rarities for collectors
  • Bestsellers for different occasions
  • Establishing trust with in-house knowledge

Excellent choice, sir

Demystifying wine

When there’s so much choice, where do you even begin? Verve’s sticky filters are designed for both novice and expert, helping them find wine based on mood, occasion, the food it goes with, or filter by grape or area.

Enjoy our house blend

A set of custom icons

We supplemented the Verve brand with clear, friendly and easy to understand iconography.

Keeping it real

Authentic photography

In the approachable spirit of the brand, we kept the photography down to earth, unstuffy and not overly staged.

Paint you a picture

Telling a story with images

We commissioned a set of friendly, funny and easy-to-understand illustrations for the Verve site and transactional emails.

Example of a promotional email using illustrations

Know your bottle

A user’s guide to your next sip

Wines can be complicated, but that’s what makes them fun. For people who want to know what they’re drinking, we designed a set of pages to reveal all.

  • About the wine
  • Pairing with food
  • Flavor profile
  • Grapes
  • Heritage
  • Related products
  • Articles to inspire

Think local, drink global

Putting wine on the map

People want to know where their wine comes from. Instead of just saying it, we created a set of maps, beautifully illustrating wine’s most famous regions.

Out of sight, on your mind

Building a better shopping cart

For a successful ecommerce site, the shopping cart is an essential piece of the puzzle. We designed a “shopping bag” that doesn’t get in your way while you’re shopping, but slides out from the left when you need it.

It’s all here

Your account, simplified

Everything you always wanted to know about your orders, past and present.

  • View all orders
  • Review payment info
  • Easily update shipping address
  • Manage email preferences
  • Manage wishlist