Hubcap by Vessel

Share your everyday moments

Join the Hub

Hubcap lets you share moments with friends.

Let’s all go hubbing

Keeping your friends close

Hubcap is about sharing moments with friends. Following their activity, juggling invites and monitoring notifications are essential to the app.

Photographic evidence

Sharing a moment

Hubcap’s built-in camera makes it easy for users to share all those precious moments, before they’re lost in time, like tears in rain.

Feeding your friends

Stand by for incoming

In each Hubcap group there’s a feed for incoming moments sent by your contacts.

Three, two, one …

Launch page branding

While the Hubcap team was busy behind the scenes, preparing for launch, we designed the illustration for their holding page.

Sweet nothings

Illustration for empty states

For new users on social apps, things can be quiet at first. With empty-state designs we made sure the experience is beautiful even when not much is going on.

Just the type

Logotype for Hubcap

After playing around with Hubcap’s identity for a while we came up with this cute hedgehog, poking its little nose at a slightly quirky logotype.

The little hedgehog that could

Introducing the mascot

The Hubcap hedgehog appears in many guises and places in the app, reminding users who they’re dealing with.


Which fonts go where

After selecting GT Eesti from Grilli Type as the app’s main typeface, we came up with a style guide for when to use which variation.

Usage for GT Eesti Display Medium Weight
Usage for GT Eesti Display Regular Weight
Usage for GT Eesti Display Light Weight