Waze Carpool

Unstuck in traffic

Same Waze, new schtick

A multi-platform campaign for Carpool, Waze’s new ride-sharing app for commuters.

Waze is a community-driven app used by more than 80 million people all over the world to fight traffic, together. Founded in Tel Aviv in 2006, it was acquired by Google in 2013.

More than just a navigation app, Waze is on a mission to solve traffic once and for all. No big deal. To that end Waze developed a new service called Carpool, launched in the spring of 2017. Carpool is a clever extension of the original app that will let Wazers around the world offer their fellow commuters rides to work and back, getting us all unstuck in traffic.

Ueno worked closely with the Waze team to develop a launch campaign for Carpool that included messaging strategy, branding elements, a marketing website, out-of-home advertising, social media ads, in-app messages, as well as web development. Our job was to communicate the distinctive nature of Carpool, while folding it all into Waze’s overall brand narrative.

Traffic ’R us

Telling the story

With our friends at Waze we started by identifying what makes Carpool what it is, and what sets it apart from other ride-sharing services. Then we set about creating a simple one-page promotional site to tell the story in an engaging and fun way, tweaking the Waze brand just very slightly while we were at it.

This project wasn’t about rebranding Waze — quite the opposite, since we wanted to underline how Carpool is an integral part of Waze — but we still took the opportunity to tweak things a little bit, making subtle changes to the Waze colors and the typeface.

Adrien ThomasDesigner

Auto, mobile

A responsive design

Waze Carpool is made for mobile devices, so the promotional site was designed to be fully responsive.

Move it, move it

Motion design

The storytelling on the promo site leans heavily on illustrations (made by our friend, the great Dominic Flask) and motion design (supplied by our own great crew). We also put in motion a few Carpool promos that Waze ran in their original app in the run-up to the launch.

Waze of talking

Voice and tone

Waze has a distinctive voice, and interacts in a very playful way with its users. We tried our best to capture that spirit and apply it to Carpool.

In the wild

Carpool campaigns

Coinciding with the launch, Waze ran campaigns to promote Carpool on various channels. There were sponsored posts on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, billboards on traffic-heavy highways, ads on public transportation, as well as in-app promos in the original app.