Ueno is a full-service digital agency, launched in late 2013. We haven’t found time to build a proper site yet (it’s coming, we promise) but below you’ll get a sneak peek at the projects we’ve been working on in the last couple of months.

Creating a different kind of user guide

We worked closely with the very talented people at Dropbox and created a new type of user guide. The kind that is actually fun to browse through!

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Medium, Airbnb, Google Wildfire, Dropbox

Ueno signs new top tier tech clients

We’ve been busy in the last few months and are currently working on projects for some of the biggest names in the tech industry. Among the clients that have recently signed on are Dropbox, Airbnb, Medium and Google Wildfire as well as some very exciting start-ups.

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2.5 miles: A golfing Panda would need to hit a golf ball 4400 times to make it that far

Almost true facts from the Animal Kingdom.

We teamed up with the super-healthy people of Fitbit for their yearly round-up. Each of their users received an email with the distance they travelled in 2013, paired with a quirky “almost true” animal fact, and a link to a fun animated site we designed and built.

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Reuters signs
with Ueno.

We are currently working with Reuters on a suite of next-generation
consumer apps to be released in late 2014.

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Google Santa Tracker

Ueno helps
Google track Santa.

Together with Google and Upperquad we built 24 unique interactive
experiences, games, videos and all sorts of holiday goodness. The site
was extremely well received by users and won multiple awards.

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Ueno and Apple alumni tackle mobile publishing.

Eightly was founded by a team of high ranking ex-Apple employees. Their mission is to bring mobile publishing to the next level. We are working with them on branding, product design and development. Launching in mid 2014.

See a sneek peak from le-web